Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unlisted Properties For Sale By Our Team.

Calling all First Time Home Buyers or Turnkey Investors!

We current have a turnkey cash flowing opportunity to own 2+ Flat apartments for as little as $45k, that are cash flowing NOI of $1500 per month managed. That is a 40% return on your investment. You buy the property, we manage it, you go to your bank account every month and watch your investment grow.   These are great properties in great areas of Milwaukee.

Want to find out how to make your money work for you?  Call me for a free phone consultation 888.248.1410 Art @ Ext. 701 or Sandy @ Ext. 706 or visit our web site New Vision Investor Solutions, Inc.

Other rehabbed, some ready to cash flow Properties in Chicago.

All of these properties are rehabbed or in a stage of rehab. All properties will have tenants available at the buyers request.

5600 Blk of S Morgan Chicago, IL 60621 - Englewood Neighborhood 2 Flat(3BR and 2BR) - Finished and Under contract - $140k

7300 Blk of S Dorchester Chicago, IL 60619 - Chatham Neighborhood 2 Flat (2BR and 3BR) Brick - Needs to be rehabbed - 60 days of rehab left $160k

6600 Blk S Rhodes Chicago, IL 60637 - Woodlawn Neighborhood 2Flat with legal garden (2BR/2BR/1BR) - 20 days for rehab left - $160k

500 Blk of  Palace Aurora, IL 60505 - Single Family (4BR/2BA) Historic District - 1 Week away from finished - Pricing at $155k

7700 Blk of    S King Dr Chicago, IL - Greater Grand Crossing Single Family Brick Bungalow -(4BR/2BA/ Finished Basement, Stainless Steel Appliances Granite The works) Finished $179k

8800 Blk of   S Hermitage Chicago, IL 60620 Auburn Gresham Single Family Brick Bungalow (4BR/3BA - Same as king) 6 Weeks left - $175k

7800 Blk of  S Carpenter Chicago, IL 60620 Auburn Gresham 2 Flat Brick ( 3BR/1BA each unit) - 10 Week Rehab time - Closing Tomo - $185k

8700 Blk of  S Dante Chicago, IL Brick home 4BR/2BA - 6 Weeks left $175k

Art Dusenbury
New Vision Investor Solutions, Inc.
888.248.1410  Ext.701

Our Mission is to create partnerships by being genuine and creating an environment of integrity. Being open to new ideas and being real.  Giving no spin, offering truthful feedback, and allowing our clients and partners to make informed decisions based on current market reality, working towards successful execution of every transaction.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Real Estate Investors: Turnkey Low Risk High Return in 45 Days or Less

Real Estate Investors: Turnkey Low Risk High Return in 45 Days or Less: Turnkey Low Risk High Return in 45 Days or Less View more presentations from adusey .

Are Any Investments Truly Safe Any More?

Man I thought I was on top of the world owned 3 stocks, living the American dream.   Well was I shocked to find out today another of my stocks has tanked again.  That's 3 for me now that are worth nothing.
Then we invested in annuity's only to find that they dropped as well.   That is why we decided to go into real estate investing.   It seemed that buying depressed properties, rehabbing them and selling them retail to first time buyers is a safer bet then other tools that we had used in the past.   We are looking to acquire properties to hold, unfortunately banks are not willing to lend for that purpose unless in is a large scale multi-unit property.   This has opened opportunities for folks like yourself to be in real estate and yet minimize the risk by investing with seasoned real estate investors.  You don't have to do anything, just fund the project and we do all the work.  We are passionate about what we do.  All together our team has 60 years of Real Estate Investing Experience.   We know what it takes to complete a profitable transaction.   If it taint profitable we won't touch it with a 10 foot pole.   We look at 20 or more properties before we consider putting investors money at risk.

Has your money been sitting in the bank earning a miserable, safe 3% or less?  I know ours has.   Did you know that when you adjusted for inflation and taxes, you actually lose between 1-2%.   What if I could show you a simple easy process that will help you grow your money, from 12-15% or more in as little a 45 days?  We have multiple opportunities to take advantage of the best Investors Market in 60 years.

Example of our latest project:

 4br bath and a half split level in a South Suburb of Chicago, here are the stats:

Purchased for>>>>>>>>>>>> $32,000
Rehab Cost?>>>>>>>>>>>>>$38,000
Other Costs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$12,000

Currently Under Contract For >$141,000

Total Profit to the Group>>>>>>$59,000

If you invested $80,000 into this deal, 6 months ago you would earn the following:

15% return on your investment NOI=$8850. Let the principal ride for 2 years you increase your return potential by 4.  In 2 years we show you how to increase your $80,000 initial investment 4 times to $35,400.

That is a year over year return of 30% per year.

Do you think that it would be worth a 20 minute phone conversation to see what it's all about!

Peeked you interest?   What do you have to lose by just looking at it?  Follow the link for a prosperous future and Simple Easy To Understand Income Earning Opportunity.

Please carefully consider your investment objectives, risks, and associated costs or 
expenses before investing. Real estate investments are not guaranteed or insured and
past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Please ask questions and
ask for more information before you consider any investment.

Turnkey Low Risk High Return in 45 Days or Less