Monday, April 25, 2011

Earn $10,000 Per Month

Real Estate Investors Expanding Team

Be The Silent Partner on any deal.  Earn 12, 14, 15 up to 25% on your money .
Call New Vision Investor Solutions, Inc. Art Dusenbury 888.248.1410 Ext.702

 Unsure of what you should do to start your real estate investing career?

Not sure how to navigate this turbulent real estate market? Think you need to have money or credit to invest in real estate? Think again. We have been doing it for a combined 50 years. Currently we have more then 100 properties in our collective investors.  Everything from $25,000 all in rental rehab worth $45-50, to hotels.  We all started with that first property

We are a full time real estate investing company with more then 20 years real estate experience. My partners and I have profited in real estate for more than 50 years. We are looking for team members to expand our operations. We are seeking funding partners that are looking to earn up to 20% on their money.

We are willing to teach you how in real time.  You have nothing to buy, just the drive to succeed.  No tire kickers please.   We work way to hard to waste time on wanna be investors.  If you have a fire in your belly to take advantage of the best buyers market in history then I am interested in talking with you contact me Art by email or pick up the phone now and call 888.248.1410 Ext. 701


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