Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is Housing Recovery A Reality or Just Election Time Smoke and Mirrors?

Hi Fellow Investors,

Don't worry or fret. The boom of investment properties has not ended, far from it. There are now double the number of shadow inventory foreclosures out in banking fantasy land.  The current administration wants you to think that the real estate market is now in recovery.  The banks want you to think they are making big profits.  It is all smoke and mirrors.  Here are the facts. The majority of the home sales are cash sales of investors and bulk REO sales which drive prices down.   The truth is in most markets, housing prices for really dilapidated houses are continuing to slide.  On the other side of the coin, prices for really well rehabbed homes are being scooped up by first time buyers as quickly as the word gets out that the home is for sale.  There have been big increases in rehabbed homes.   Because those sales are not as robust as the reo sales, the over all market continues to slid.   If your home isn't completely rehabbed, it will not sell.   If you have to sell short, your home will be a long hard selling process.

We are far from recovery.   Everything that I am reading from reliable sources, not the government or traditional media (controlled by the powerful) is predicating that recovery of the real estate market is going to take until at least the 2nd quarter of 2015.  That is assuming the banks release the flood gates of shadow inventory and allow the system to naturally absorb the inventory.   Don't be fouled, we hardly have anything to jump up and down about, unless you are a real estate investor.   I am taking advantage of this limited window of opportunity.   Are you?

Case in point. Our group, New Vision Investor Solutions, Inc., purchased a home in a blue collar suburb of Chicago for $32,000,  our rehab costs came in at $36,000, $17,500 in misc. costs, and $8250 in buyer concessions, we have a contract on the home before the kitchen and the baths are in for $150,000.  That's a Net Operating Income for our company of $56,000 or a 62% return on our money.   Our Investor will make a passive income of $14,000 or 25% of the net profit of the LLC.  

If you are disgusted with what you are earning in you IRA, old 401K or stocks, then click here.  We will show you how you can be earning 10%, 12, 15% or up to 25% on your money.   The level of gain is based on your risk tolerance.   Please always talk with a real estate tax adviser before making any decisions.  We are taking on new funding partners through the month of June only.  Hurry, or you might miss out on an opportunity that may never come along again in our life time. Contact us now!

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