Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cabinet Buyers Beware Phoenix Cabinets

I am a rehabber in Chicago and have been having a hellish night mare.  A month a go we called a rep from Phoenix Cabinets, we told him exactly what we wanted.  He said he had it all in stock, that we would deliver it in 3 days.  10 days went by, several calls,  each time he said, it will be there by the end of the week.  Finally a month after we ordered them they arrived.  Now there was no lazy susan and 2 cabinets were wrong.   Instead of telling us right away they sent us the wrong cabinets, they nd told us to istall the wrong cabinets that the buyer will never notice.  O the buyer would have noticed that they would have no place to put their pots and pans.  Now after paying for everything I can't get the rep to call me back in a timely fashion.  Every time I call, this guy has a new excuse. At least a dozen. Also they told us all the cabinets would be wood. Two of the cabinets where press board and had a different color interior. I won't recommend Phoenix Cabinets to anyone. I would have rather paid more money and got the job done right.  Contact me if you can recommend a great cabinet company.

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