Thursday, June 28, 2012

Banks are holding back foreclosure properties.

Investors and home buyers beware.

Banks are up to the same old tricks.  This time they are holding on to properties and creating a shortage of inventory to boost up prices.   The problem with this strategy is that it creates a temporary bubble that will only extend the current market recovery.

Just drive around areas and you will see vacant homes that a deteriorating by neglect.   The FDIC needs to step in and stop this before we find ourselves doing this for 20 years.   The banks and laws created this mess, it's time for them to step up and be responsible for their lack of common sense that created this crisis.

This market recovery will not end until all foreclosure inventory has been off the banks books for at least a year.


  1. See how easy it is for banks to manipulate the market? Which makes perfect sense because they are the ones holding the money. They can do whatever they please and get away scottfree. I highly doubt this system will change anytime soon.

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  2. Just generate around places and you will see unfilled houses that a difficult by ignore. It's time for them to phase up and be accountable for their deficiency of wise practice that designed this disaster. Visit our website

  3. Observe how simple it is intended for banking institutions to manipulate this market? Helping to make perfect sense since they are the ones having the cash. They might perform whatever these people you should and find apart scottfree. My spouse and i extremely hesitation this technique will change every time before long.

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  4. See however simple it's for banks to control the market? that makes excellent sense as a result of they're those holding the cash. I extremely doubt this method can amendment anytime before long.

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